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**For Pancakes and Booze**

Thinking of submitting these for an upcoming show called Pancakes and Booze, they sound a bit like the Chocolate and Art show I did last year. This time around, no street photography. Gotta change it up!  

Great Snakes!

I started work on this yesterday with the drawing, and today with the underpainting…And so it begins, Tintin and Snowy in Oil. WIP #tintin #snowy #herge #graffiti #spraycans #oilpainting #underpainting 

Time off and Technical Difficulties

Two weeks ago my wife and I took a much needed break from work and the city. We went to St Augustine for a few days to visit, take in the city’s rich history (it is the oldest city in the nation, a fact residents are proud to announce) and just kick back and relax. […]

Pinky Blue

The coloring has begun on the letters of my graffiti/collage/triptych. First was pink, second color I’ve added is blue. I’m thinking maybe white and a light grey for the bubbles. Definitely will add highlights to them once it’s all done. And all I’ll have to worry about is adding clouds and then I’ll be done. […]

Great snakes!

Afternoon sketch: Tintin the Graffiti artist. Growing up in the UK, I read every one of HergĂ©’s adventures at the local children’s library, and at WH Smith’s. My mom wound up buying me more than half of them which I still have.  

90 Days

Seems like it’s been a lot longer than 90 days since I posted on here. Life happens. Still alive, still drawing and taking photos. The new gig as a substitute teacher has taken some getting used to, that’s for sure. Anyway, below is a sampling of what’s been on the menu since.    

Root Down

May 4th, 2012. Where were you, and what were you doing when the death of Adam Yauch was announced on the news? I was in New York, riding on a bus from the airport with my girlfriend and grandmother back to the apartment. I was checking up on some scores from the NBA games that […]

Hello Earth

Yesterday was Earth Day and I came up with an idea late Monday night for a piece. Tuesday turned out to be a very busy day, but I managed to get the drawing down before it evaporated into nothingness. I am not a hardcore tree hugger, but I do believe that we should at the […]