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Carol Danvers, a little late posting this, but better late than never ūü§£ Digitally colored using Photoshop. WIP.

Marvel-ous Monday

Last weekend was Jack Kirby’s birthday, what would’ve been his 99th, sadly he died twenty-two ¬†years ago in 1994. A historical figure in the world of comics and comic book art, his drawings along with Stan Lee’s ideas and stories created some of the most iconic figures in the world: Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, the […]

Anatomy 101 Fail

Twenty years ago this man,¬†Rob Liefeld,¬†had several books with characters in them that were blatant rip-offs of Marvel Comics characters (Wolverine, Deadpool, and Cable mostly) and a plethora of female characters, some with impossibly large, and gravity defying chests, while others looked as if they had bowling balls shoved in their costumes. He just relaunched […]

90 Days

Seems like it’s been a lot longer than 90 days since I posted on here. Life happens. Still alive, still drawing and taking photos. The new gig as a substitute teacher has taken some getting used to, that’s for sure. Anyway, below is a sampling of what’s been on the menu since.    

Getting my Geek On

Spent the afternoon this past Saturday at the Florida SuperCon with my girlfriend and friend, which is a scaled down version of the MegaCon in Orlando held in March every year. The venue itself is small, and it showed as we walked through the overly crowded aisles loaded with people. Half of these were in […]