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Carol Danvers, a little late posting this, but better late than never 🤣 Digitally colored using Photoshop. WIP.

Colors, Colors

Decided to add some color to some of my drawings with Photoshop.


Photoshop Phun, Polaroid photos of a Polaroid camera. #artistoninstagram #polaroid #photoshop #polaroidcamera #photomanipulation #instantcamera #digitalart #artbynuwaver74

The Doctor and Sarah-Jane

Photoshop fun with the Doctor and Sarah-Jane. #photoshop #doctorwho #fourthdoctor #tombaker #sarahjanesmith #artistoninstagram #elisabethsladen #typographicart #illustration #art #digitalart


Started the coloring of the Phife Dawg piece from last week using Photoshop. Still early days yet, but coming along nicely. Two screen shots of the progress, plus a video clip.             

Colors, colors

Giant Beats getting the color treatment via Photoshop. One less drawing to work on and finish, 5,000,000 others left on my to-do list lol.    


Fun with Photoshop this morning. Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Oh wow, i just noticed that this is my 76th post, hell of a coincidence.

It’s a Twofer

Two pieces came to mind in my sleep last night, and falling out of bed this morning I set out to work on them.  Today is the birthday of Arsene Wenger, the manger of  English football club, Arsenal. All done in team colors, and the embossed image of the man himself. Second piece is of […]

Vea Pues

Been meaning to do this piece for a while, creating the water effects on Photoshop were headache inducing. This is as liquidy as it gets. Time for some Aleve lol.        


Artist quote brought to you by my graphics tablet, and Photoshop.