Two weeks since I last made something new and posted. I was working through the pain and loss of a relative to Covid, also one of my oldest friends moved out of state have been hard things to handle. Needless to say, I’ve been working through these emotions while using Doctor Who as a means of escape, something I’ve used in the past besides music to cope. So I hadn’t drawn a thing in all this time, and I chose this simply because I love the show, and also Roger Delgado as the first to play the Master is one of my faves. Anyway, feels good to make art again. A little meta humor, The Master Reads a Bedtime Story. Not sure he’s going to like the ending 😳🤣.#artbynuwaver74 #doctorwho #themaster #photoshop #digitaldrawing #digitalsketch #rogerdelgado #themindofevil #terrancedicks #scifi #illustration #art #artistofinstagram #readabook #artoftheday


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