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Adventures in Little Havana



I signed up with this traveling art collective based out of California called Chocolate and Art Show to show some of my photographic work locally here in Miami. It’s been a while since I was in an art show. It’s going to be fun!


I’ve been working on this for a week now, not done yet. Calling this one Geisha tape deck, and it’s been fun to work on. 

Great Snakes!

I started work on this yesterday with the drawing, and today with the underpainting…And so it begins, Tintin and Snowy in Oil. WIP #tintin #snowy #herge #graffiti #spraycans #oilpainting #underpainting 


Something new, 9×12 WIP.


Etsy shop is going through some changes, and I think that it will only benefit everyone


I have added four more listings on my Etsy shop, come on by and check them out. There’s bound to be something that catches your eye.┬áLensOTheBeholder

Coupon Clipping

Making the Etsy shop better and adding more images. If you or anyone you know has bare or boring walls and want to make ’em better, use this coupon: BOGO15OFF to get a discount when you buy one of my prints at regular price. No more bare/boring walls! Score! #streetphotography #artwork #etsy #photoprintsforsale #wallart […]

Baker Street

Mostly done with this, tricky work with the gramophones and Victorian era attire.


Updated and more photos added to my Etsy shop. Head on over! LensOtheBeholder’s shop on Etsy