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I have added four more listings on my Etsy shop, come on by and check them out. There’s bound to be something that catches your eye. LensOTheBeholder


Third color added, and clouds too. Gotta have some clouds in the sky.

Pinky Blue

The coloring has begun on the letters of my graffiti/collage/triptych. First was pink, second color I’ve added is blue. I’m thinking maybe white and a light grey for the bubbles. Definitely will add highlights to them once it’s all done. And all I’ll have to worry about is adding clouds and then I’ll be done. […]

Blue Skies

Better skyline color. The first two on the left I had the extra blue layer first, and didn’t with the third one. Definitely very different from three, even with the layer of lighter blue on top. Might have to give the first two a third layer of light blue, and a second to number three […]


Work on my collage/triptych is underway, Home Sweet Home.  


I’ve started work on a triptych collage/painting. I’m equal parts Brit, Noo Yawker, and Miamian. I’ve lived in London and New York for some time over the years, and here in Miami since 1987. There’s a running theme going through all three places, and that is that I am Colombian, and there is a large […]


I’m reading Questlove’s biography that came out recently called Mo’ Meta Blues. It’s a great book, and I purposefully didn’t read it until after I saw him DJ a few weeks ago. His set blew me away, and I started reading the book the next day. I have come to realize after halfway through the […]