Took these pics a few days ago on the way back to my car in the late afternoon. 

Last weekend was Joe Kubert’s birthday, what would’ve been his 89th, sadly he died four years ago. A historical figure in the world of comics and comic book art, his drawings along with Stan Lee’s ideas and stories created some of the most iconic figures in the world: Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, […]

Kenneth Williams, take two 🎬.So Kenneth’s face had been bugging me all Friday night and even in my weird dreams I was working out what was so off about it. I realize now that there were a few things I got wrong, mouth too far down from his nose, right eye looking all droopy, and […]

 Kenneth Williams, one of my fave comedy actors growing up in England. From the Carry On films, and later on as the voice of all the characters in the cartoon Willo the Wisp, his humor and stories were fantastic. 

Third color added, and clouds too. Gotta have some clouds in the sky.

Gemini, all done. Thought maybe adding color or just simply inking would be better, but I like it as is. Maybe darken some areas to make them stand out, and that’s it

“Fill my eyes with that double vision. No disguise for that double vision. Ooh, when it gets through to me, it’s always new to me. My double vision gets the best of me” Gemini, more work done at my local Barnes and Noble. 

Two weeks ago my wife and I took a much needed break from work and the city. We went to St Augustine for a few days to visit, take in the city’s rich history (it is the oldest city in the nation, a fact residents are proud to announce) and just kick back and relax. […]

The coloring has begun on the letters of my graffiti/collage/triptych. First was pink, second color I’ve added is blue. I’m thinking maybe white and a light grey for the bubbles. Definitely will add highlights to them once it’s all done. And all I’ll have to worry about is adding clouds and then I’ll be done. […]

While I’m waiting for the paint to dry on my current project, and because watching oil paint dry is not all that exciting, I hit up on some ideas for future drawings, paintings, whichever way they want to be made. Home Sweet Home update first, then it’s four sketch scribbles. I doubt that the canvases […]