Getting my Geek On

Spent the afternoon this past Saturday at the Florida SuperCon with my girlfriend and friend, which is a scaled down version of the MegaCon in Orlando held in March every year. The venue itself is small, and it showed as we walked through the overly crowded aisles loaded with people. Half of these were in full cosplay mode which were impressive. The others were interesting to say the least lol: a 7ft tall Naruto, an extra chunky Chun-Li and others still just plain failed miserably at dressing up (MineCraft, Deadpool with Spider-Man face mask) Yeah, far too many to mention. There wasn’t much that caught my attention, mostly digging for some back issues but unfortunately the vendors here had a smaller selection and were waaaaaay overpriced. No sale.

What made up for a so-so event was meeting and chatting with two comic book legends: George Perez who worked on Avengers, Teen Titans, Fantastic Four and a ton of other books. The other person was Dave Gibbons, the man who did the art for Watchmen and the original Dr Who comics for Marvel UK. Both were friendly and we only spoke shortly about their previous work and how it was amazing reading them as a kid.

Man, it was just awesome to do that. Celebrities are one thing, meeting an idol, a person that was a big part of your childhood? Priceless.

20130710-061149 PM.jpg

20130710-061209 PM.jpg

20130710-061226 PM.jpg

20130710-061243 PM.jpg


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