Back in the Saddle

My final figure drawing class before I graduate. Man, I’m gonna miss these studio classes…there’s a certain kind of freedom I get when I walk in to class, and I will definitely miss that feeling.
Today’s figure drawing was fairly simple: a long pose to be drawn, attention to proportion etc blablabla…meant for the level I people, which are mixed in with those of us who are in the advanced levels. Anyway, they used the standard 18×24 size paper while we had to use larger paper! Wasn’t easy considering I haven’t done anything this big. Ever. Actually no, I did a self portrait in painting class some years ago that was about 30×30. Pretty big, and a lot of paint was used. So back to the drawing…started off with white charcoal for the placement of the figure and did some modeling in, then followed it up with black charcoal to give the figure more mass.

20130628-120724 AM.jpg

20130628-120744 AM.jpg

Wish there had been more time to work on this, who knows maybe we will next week. Still, I like how it turned out.


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