My final semester has started, damn, it’s been three years and here I am staring at graduation in the distance. Not going to lie, part of me will miss the routine of signing up for some interesting art history and studio courses. But I’ve done my time, paid my dues…I’m out! Well, not yet but yeah at the end of this semester. So please hold your applause until the degree is in my hands.

My first class was black and white photography, and now one of my final classes is with that same professor, pretty kewl I’d say! Better than taking it with one you don’t like, which obviously would suck and put a bit of a damper on the victory lap that is your last semester. You’d run out of there the minute they showed up, like someone who’s been set on fire with arms flailing and screaming like a lunatic going Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Not for me, oh no me lovely boy. We didn’t get that at all, we got us a pair of good professors. Class dismissed.

20130827-015624 AM.jpg


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