Time off and Technical Difficulties

Two weeks ago my wife and I took a much needed break from work and the city. We went to St Augustine for a few days to visit, take in the city’s rich history (it is the oldest city in the nation, a fact residents are proud to announce) and just kick back and relax. We did, and came back feeling recharged and ready to deal with the day to day of life. Back to work, the never ending running of errands etc. 

So after last week’s busy schedule after our trip, I said ok time to get back on track and finish my triptych collage. All I managed to work on was add glue to some parts of the cutouts that had lifted up again, probably from moving them on and off the easel. That’ll get sorted permanently once I add varnish to them all.  Thursday my phone fell in water, so I was without it for two whole days. Rice, a ziplock bag, and my quick thinking wife saved it. What also helped is that it has a protective case which also added to it not suffering any serious damage. Phew! It works fine, hopefully there is no long term damage. So in the meantime I’ve been busy coming up with sketches and ideas for future projects. Next week I should be back on track with the three paintings. Fingers crossed lol.

The sketch ideas while my phone was drying…


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