Mega Trip


 I’ve been to many comic book conventions over the years and some were good, some were decent and others were just downright lame. But overall, the main reason for me to go was and is, well, for most comic book collectors out there in the world…to find missing books, trades, complete runs of certain titles. If you’re lucky you’ll find some booths that have great deals on individual issues to complete your collection. I say this because when I went to the Mega-Con in Orlando this past weekend I was blown away by the sheer mass of attendees, comic book shops both near and far, various vendors and the celebrities….By “celebrities” I mean the comic book artists, writers, actors from sci-fi movies and shows (this year’s guests were the full cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation). What’s it worth to get an actual sketch of your favorite drawing done by your favorite artist? Or have your picture taken with, say Patrick Stewart. Priceless, that’s what. Absolutely priceless souvenirs. The memories last a lifetime. Of course you have to pay, sometimes through the nose to have your dreams/fantasies fulfilled. Bloody hell, it cost $75 just to have Captain Picard’s signature. If I remember, it cost double that to stand with him for a photo. There were others, non Star Trek related tho…the twins from Harry Potter, Fred and Will, and some others that I cannot remember. I showed up without a list of which books to get for my own collections. Yeah, major mistake lol. Still, we didn’t walk away empty handed on both days. Shirts, drinking glasses, ear-rings for my girlfriend (Iron-Man) a handful of comic books (yeah, I remembered a few back-issues that I didn’t have, plus new books) some of them were for a friend, and half a dozen packs of Lego men for a friend who was on the hunt for one dressed in a chicken suit. 

 There were a lot of people dressed up as characters from shows, comics, movies practically anything comic, sci-fi, horror, action, fantasy, video game genres. We took plenty of photos with and of them. Some were fantastic, others were a bit lame…to see more just look me up on Instagram. User: nuwaver74. Anyway, the experience was simply amazing and unforgettable. Next time…next time, I’ll be sure to have a list ready of what I’m missing. There’s one coming down here in July…woohoo!


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