Victoria Concordia Crescit

A little less than two hours until kick-off. Arsenal faces off against Bayern-Munich today, and I can guarantee there’s a load of Gooners out there who are understandably nervous. We should be. They’re a tough German team that is playing some really good football. I bet half of these nervous nellies have ulcers the size of melons if they were examined. Ulcers grown from all the stress of being a faithful supporter of a squad that has won feck all since winning the FA cup in 2005. The haters and doubting Thomas’s are in full force, I can smell them. Bastards. We’ve beaten some of the best teams, and we are always there in the Champions League, yes so we end up in 4th or 5th in the BPL but that’s bloody impressive if you ask me. Anyway, here’s to a match loaded with goals, very little nail biting but I suspect this will happen, and three points for the Gunners!


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