Dream a little Dream

 Woke up this morning with this song in my head “Where are we Now?” by David Bowie, from his new album titled The Next Day. The dream involved me meeting him, standing next to him like we were best friends. People were taking photos of him and I was trying to get some of them to take one of me with him. I didn’t have my iPhone, just this Windows based phone that was pissing me off because I couldn’t get the camera working. He turns to me and starts speaking to me, saying strange nonsensical things…there’s not much that I remember, only that after he finished speaking, he walked away and got lost in a crowd of people. I followed him because I wanted a pic of him, and only managed to take one of him from behind. I followed him through the crowd, down stairs, through a kitchen, and then he disappeared. I went up some stairs to a large room that was dark, until the lights went on and I saw a massive crowd all around a stage. Then a lady came on and introduced David Bowie to the cheering masses. It’s been a long time since he put out an album, and people have been wondering when and if he would ever come out of hiding, recovering from his heart surgery. I don’t know what the dream meant, maybe I’ll find clues in the song. 

Had to get the train 
From Potzdamer platz 
You never knew that 
That I could do that 
Just walking the dead 

Sitting in the Dschungel 
On Nurnberger strasse 
A man lost in time near KaDeWe 
Just walking the dead 

Where are we now? 
Where are we now? 
The moment you know 
You know, you know 

Twenty thousand people 
Gross Bose Brucke 
Fingers are crossed 
Just in case 
Walking the dead 

Where are we now? 
Where are we now? 
The moment you know 
You know, you know 
As long as there’s sun 
As long as there’s sun 
As long as there’s rain 
As long as there’s rain 
As long as there’s fire 
As long as there’s fire 
As long as there’s me 
As long as there’s you

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