Conversation between myself and my cousin after she sent a text saying she’d lost her headphones. Silliness ensues…

Her: I lost my headphones.

Me: Oh that sucks. I got loads of spares, no idea where or how but I do.

Her: LOL. When you misplace them, that’s how.

Me: All this time I thought they were procreating.

Her: Wouldn’t it be nice if they did?

Me: Yeah it would. Beats the hell out of going to the store and buying a new pair. But wht if they’re impotent? What then?

Her: LMFAO! Invitro sound.

Me: Sounds about right…OMG he’s not in stereo? That’s sooo embarrassing! Oh I know…yes my hubby SONY had that problem too but we were lucky cos his owner takes such good care of him…

Her: LMFAO!!!

Me: I amaze myself with the wacky stuff that pours forth from my mind. Headphones with erectile dysfunction? Maaan! LMAO.

Very true, my silliness is spontaneous throughout the day. Ask any of my friends. All it takes really is one small idea, anything. Then it snowballs into this great big thing in a short period of time. My creative process also works in a similar fashion, sometimes funny sometimes not


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