Top 10 All-Time Favorite Albums

Bored here, figured i’d make a list of my all-time top ten favorite albums…thought about separating them from genres, and decades, and even then putting them in more categories by solo artist or group/band etc.But then i would’ve ended up with a list that would be some 500 pgs long and that would be a real pisser.
From the top…

10. Cocteau Twins – Treasure, released 1984.

Two words: Sweet and melodic. I like it simply because of lead singer Elizabeth Fraser’s ethereal voice, almost dreamlike. Great guitars, even though some are aggressive they somehow work with and not against her singing. ‘Lorelei’ and ‘Donimo’ are my personal fave tracks on this album.


9. Beatles – Revolver, released 1966

Awesome, the album that saw the Fab Four start to experiment musically, a sort of prequel to Sgt. Pepper the following year. For those of you who are used to the ‘Love Me Do’ and ‘I Feel Fine’ songs of early Beatles, it’s a big departure. Have a listen to any of these tracks and you’ll see what i mean…’Love You To’,’Dr Robert’ and ‘I’m Only Sleeping’. Drug experimentation played a big part in the sound, Dr Robert was about a dentist friend of theirs who spiked their drinks with LSD, nice eh? That’s the sixties for you.

8. Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run, released 1975

The beginning of the Boss’ solo career. Folk, rock, R&B mixed together form a hell of an album that depicts the poor bastard working class American of the 70’s. Example, ‘Meeting Across The River’…a song about a pair of would-be robbers thinking of how good things will be after doing the job. Big dreams and schemes, but no way out in the end.

7. ABC – The Lexicon of Love, released 1982

Save yer laughs, this album is a classic. It’s catchy pop…but it’s lyrically intelligent. Don’t think so? Have a listen to ‘Tears Are Not Enough’ and ‘Show Me’. The blend of orchestra and 80’s synth is one of a kind here, you won’t find it on any other new-wave band album. Massive R&B, Soul and Disco influences abound here. Martin Fry knew what he was doing when he cut this album.

6. U2 – October, released 1981

Lucky Charms. Second album from the Sons of Ireland, their trademark sound for the next five albums starts here. Powerful vocals by Bono as heard on the track ‘Gloria’ not to mention the Edge’s guitar playing throughout the entire album.

5. Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue, released 1959

Jazz at its finest, a hell of a masterpiece. Totally improvised, the piano, trumpet and bass switching back and forth keeping a smooth tempo keeps the listener engaged. Music to relax to, read or for the romantic fool. I’ve heard people say that anyone interested in learning about this genre ‘has to’ listen to it. I’d say it’s a pretty good starting point.

4. Radiohead – OK Computer, released 1997

Ah, modern guitar rock. A ton of sound loops, heavy and light guitars, and abstract lyrics by Thom Yorke’s voice create amazingly textured songs that make you think you’re on something. Ha ha, totally trippy songs, real odd time signatures, techno beats mixed with rock n roll…nine years later i’m still amazed by this album.

3. The Doors – The Doors, released 1967

Groovy, the debut album by Mr Mojo Risin and company…rock, blues, classical, jazz and Jim’s poetry all in one. Sucks that none of their other albums save for the last one are as creative as this one. How’s this for creative? There was no bass-player in the band, the bass was all done by the pianist Ray Manzarek…his left hand did it all by using a Fender Rhodes bass piano, sat it on top of his organ/keyboard and played both. Suckiness number two, they used session players in other albums because the Fender wasn’t so great in the studio when it came time to record. It’s all here though, from beginning to end.

2. Portishead – Dummy, released 1994

I don’t smoke or drink coffee, but damned if this album makes me want to go light a cig and have a cup of joe. Surreal hip-hop, somewhat like Massive Attack but more melancholy…Beth Gibbons’ vocals are soulful, downright depressing and sexy at the same time.
And number one…with a bullet is….

1. Oasis – (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? released, 1995

Brilliant. Heavily influenced by sixties rock, most notably the Beatles. Yeah, they stole some riffs from them, but they expanded on them and made them their own. An emotional rollercoaster ride from beginning to end, ‘Champagne Supernova’, ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ and ‘Wonderwall’ are classics in their own right. Listen to the entire album without skipping to these songs and you’ll see that they sound so much better as part of a whole.
That’s my top ten, might do another list…movies, or maybe just one particular genre. Got a top ten list of your own? Put it on here, i’m curious to know what all of you consider your top ten. No need to go in detail, just artist and album. Music makes for interesting conversations…

‘…this is the eeeeeennnnnnnd’ Jim Morrission.


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