Ode to the BA

I got a gameplan, armed with pencils HB thru 6B and my tool ‘tween my skull

This semester’s gonna be anything but dull. Uh-oh Professor yes I guess

I must profess that I’m a professional artist but not now not yet

Gimme some time how’s 2yrs sound? So yes I’ll do the crime in class

Cos it’s apparent to you and to me…shh! my 9 to 5 isn’t for me

It’s the mean, the place between 1st grade and where I want to be.

I was too green 12 years ago, let it all go for the sake of the flow.

But that’s all good, not like Mystikal but i’ll steal cos it’s been so long

Since i’ve been on. Danger! get off to class this dude you see

Is after his BA, not Mr T just the degree.

Class dismissed.


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