I’ve started work on a triptych collage/painting. I’m equal parts Brit, Noo Yawker, and Miamian. I’ve lived in London and New York for some time over the years, and here in Miami since 1987. There’s a running theme going through all three places, and that is that I am Colombian, and there is a large population in both Miami and New York, but I was amazed to find that there was a good amount living in London. I don’t know if the number has increased since, or not. All I know is that some of my parents friends who lived there when we lived there are still there, which is great. We’re everywhere apparently lol. Last weekend I met a Colombian lady who was married to a Swiss man and yes, living there.  

So, I came up with this idea last year while I was subbing at a high school. The photos used in the collages are ones that I took with the exception of maybe one or two. Anyway, enough talk here we go…

Started on the New York one today, I’ll post updates as I work on the other two canvasses. 


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