Five months…


It’s been crazy the past five months. A quick recap of what’s been going on since then: Graduated in December, and got my BA in Art with a minor in Art History. Applied at hundreds, if not thousands of places for a temporary job while the teaching gig process was underway. Turns out that the job market is abysmal, never mind the reports that say the rate is going down, don’t believe what you hear, ask someone who’s been out of work for longer than 3 months see what they say, heh. Rarely did I get the chance to meet or interview with an actual person. Far too much time spent applying online, with unending Agree/Disagree questions and What If scenarios. There is no one way to answer or cheat with this, it’s a waste of time. The internet has made it easier to connect and interact with people far across the globe, but what gets my goat is that you can fill out a ton of applications, make sure everything is right and still not get a call. Used to be, back before everything in the hiring process became so automated, you had to actually go to the place you were interested in and get an actual application. More often than not, you’d get called in for an interview and that’s it, regardless of the outcome, you’d be there face to face with someone in the space of a few days. Something’s bound to give, I strongly agree. Am I gonna have to choke an HR rep? Strongly agree. Would I like to fill out 500 more job applications? Strongly disagree. Are we done? Strongly Agree.


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