Class in session

I signed up at Artist-works, an online school of the arts that is entirely based on video for lessons, assignments, and feedback on your submissions for the particular assignment you choose to do. They have a wide range of music style lessons from harmonica playing, drumming, guitar, piano and all the way to learning the skills necessary to make some killer mixes if DJ’ing is what you want to do. It’s a pretty good collective, and it’s not as if you have to be an expert in any of the above mentioned, so there’s no fear of having to play catch up with other people who might be more advanced than you. As for me, I chose to sign up with the Art section taught by Justin Bua. You may know of him as the graffiti artist/painter whose elongated figures occupy beautiful cityscapes. He’s also done portraits of historical and current rap and hip-hop artists in the same style. Don’t know him? Here’s a link to get you familiarized then! Justin Bua

So as I said, I signed up for a three month period and so far I’m really enjoying it. There’s no shortage of lessons and assignments to do, from basics to very advanced. Yesterday I worked on one which involved a towel or some type of drapery, study the folds, bends, how they twist and turn. Do all that and then draw it, and almost forgot, record a short clip of yourself doing the assignment.

Video clips be damned, so much for trying to upload it lol. Here’s the drawing…I’ll figure out how to get the video uploaded on this post later, stay tuned!



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