Spending the final days of 2012 in New York with family and girlfriend is a definite plus. It’s a just reward for making it through an insane, productive, and intense year. Did I accomplish what I set out to do at the beginning of 2012? For the most part yes, with a few exceptions. Well, one glaring but that one caught me by surprise…so much for leaving my job under my terms. It’s been two months now since I was shown the door and at first I was thinking ‘holy crap! What now?’ But after a few weeks my mindset has been only on finishing at FIU and getting my art out there. Somewhere…over the rainbow way up high…kidding lol. Seriously, I did accomplish the art part with Basel. One of my drawings was up on display at The Hangar Gallery What’s in store for next year? I have a few things that definitely need to happen, have to get pen to paper and write down my to do list for 2013. Thanks 2012, definitely a year to remember!

20121229-090004 AM.jpg


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