Finally getting through my developed rolls of film! I’ve had several rolls done and it wasn’t until this past week that I actually sat down and went through each one to see which ones on the negative slides were usable. Thanks to my ion slide i’m able to transfer the images onto the computer without the hassle of the chemicals process. The only drawback is that for some reason or other the images are somewhat sepia-ish. Also, I miss the smell of a darkroom lol. Developer, Fixer…yeah that’s what I miss. Anyway, as I said before the issue of the images showing up sepia toned is weird. But that’s where Photoshop comes in to the rescue. Doing the editing for these images is a bit time consuming but definitely helps. So far I’ve processed about 28 of some 50+ images…that’s not including the hundreds of other images from the Chicago trip or other photos from events after that I have to edit too. Well, no time like the present…but in the daytime. It’s the dead of night and my bed and pillow are both bitching at me.


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