Artsy Fartsy

Came across this blog post yesterday from The Guardian newspaper’s website. It’s a decent article overall. Personally, I like and understand some modern/conceptual art…what I do not like is the elitist snobbery that comes with it. Something that I’m still fighting even now in college, just the fact that it’s being forced down my gullet is annoying, and for a grade no less! I don’t get how some of these students latch on to the idea that contemporary/modern art is the shit, and everything else is crap. Must br fear of standing up to the professor, why question them? They do have a MFA after all…really? How about questioning their critique, engage in a discussion on the positives as well as the negatives in the student’s work. How is a student/artist supposed to develop as such if they’re bombarded with a ton of artists that do not inform them in their own work or ideas? Perhaps maybe one or two will have something that they can relate to or use as inspiration, but that’s it. Critique time comes around and you bust your ass to come up with something you stand by, only to have the professor shoot it down saying that it doesn’t measure up to these artsy fartsy standards. That’s a slap in the face plain and simple. Some people take it in stride, others break down in tears, while others smile and take it all in. I won’t lie, there have been some really creative pieces that have made the professors give the thumbs up for a great job but those are far and few in between from what I’ve seen. I must be immune, or I don’t conform to their ‘standards’. Fuck ’em. Ptew!



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