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Photoshop Phun, Polaroid photos of a Polaroid camera. #artistoninstagram #polaroid #photoshop #polaroidcamera #photomanipulation #instantcamera #digitalart #artbynuwaver74

It’s a Twofer

Two pieces came to mind in my sleep last night, and falling out of bed this morning I set out to work on them. ¬†Today is the birthday of Arsene Wenger, the manger of ¬†English football club, Arsenal. All done in team colors, and the embossed image of the man himself. Second piece is of […]

Never Mind the Concert, Here’s the Poster

After the Bjork poster, I hit up on the idea to make concert poster designs for other acts/singers if they ever came to my town. The second one is of John Lydon, formerly Johnny Rotten of the 70’s punk group, The Sex Pistols, and later on, Public Image LTD.        

Coming Soon! (Not really)

I made this mock-up of a Bjork concert poster, if she ever comes down here to Miami.  

Say Cheese

It’s amazing what you can create, or in this case, alter with Photoshop. The image below is of me and my girlfriend while visiting Chicago two years ago. The scattered Polaroid effect was all done using a few of the program’s tools.        

What’s our Vector, Victor? Roger that, Roger

It’s been a while since I vectored an image, so I did. Vectorized photo of myself, decided to leave the Palm trees as is because I realized too late that it would be a massive and painstaking process to get them all Vectorized too lol. Thanks to Airplane!the movie for the title of this post, […]