Kogi girl, pencil on Bristol 9×12. Third piece so far where the subject is related to Colombia. Every time I watch the show Finding your Roots I wonder who my indigenous ancestors were, and what their lives were like before and after the arrival of the Spaniards. The girl is from a group called the Kogi which means Jaguar in their language. I added the large pendant of a pre-Columbian figure representing a jaguar, and the smaller one is a gourd called a poporo which contained lime made from burnt and crushed seashells. I also added the toucan bird feather earrings (found in the jungle regions). #artbynuwaver74 #pencildrawing #colombia #kogicolombia #precolumbian #poropo #girl #artoftheday #illustration #makearteveryday #artist #pencilportrait #originalart #inspiration #drawordieclub


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