Tweaking the Statment

A while back I had written an artist statement as it pertained to my drawings, paintings, etc. The one for photography was different, and I came up with one that wasn’t the bestm but it suited me for the time being until I came up with a better one. It didn’t hit me until a few weeks ago when I submitted some photos to a local gallery, and they asked me to give them a little bio and info on my submissions. The light-bulb over my head shined gloriously bright for the next hour or so, and I had what is now a pretty definite artist statement for my street photography. Man! Love it when inspiration strikes so randomly.

So, without further ado, here it is:

When it comes to photography, the focus is entirely different. Street photography is my preferred method, and I am inspired by the works of Robert Frank, Walker Evans, Garry Winogrand, and Vivian Maier, to name a few. Most of the images taken are from here in the Miami area, where I use the images to document everyday life of this city’s residents, to show them with a certain degree of honesty. I keep away from the glitz and glam that has become synonymous with Miami as a party city. There is real life here. My camera is always at the ready whether I am here in town, or traveling, I still try to find some beauty in a place that others may not see because they are too busy running around doing the typical tourist things, and they don’t take time to appreciate their surroundings and/or people.


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