Everything in its Right Place

I’ve been listening to the Radiohead album Kid A, the follow up to OK Computer. A lot of people were scratching their heads when this dropped, and I was no different. There were a few songs that were great, and others that I thought weren’t, or maybe I didn’t understand them? Fast forward 17 years and I found myself listening to it from start to finish without skipping tracks (looking at you National Anthem, Idioteque, and Morning Bell) Oddly enough I found myself actually listening to these songs that I would immediately skip through before, I don’t mind them so much anymore. I suppose they age well with time, or maybe I just got wiser lol. This drawing I did of Thom over the weekend was while listening to it, and then back to OK Computer.

From start to finish…

That there, that’s not meee…

Yes it is, Thom.


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