Take Two

Kenneth Williams, take two 🎬.So Kenneth’s face had been bugging me all Friday night and even in my weird dreams I was working out what was so off about it. I realize now that there were a few things I got wrong, mouth too far down from his nose, right eye looking all droopy, and a half dozen other things. After the white-out dried I went in and fixed said errors and flaws and inconsistencies. Yeah, much better now. Bugs me when something I work on isn’t up to snuff lol. So Friday’s version is on the left, and the edits etc on the right. #britishtelly #bbc #childrenstv #willothewisp #comedy #kennethwilliams #carryonfilms #stopmessingabout #redo #bluepen #pendrawing

Here’s the updated one all by itself.


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