After seeing these ads by a company calling themselves ArtSnacks for random art supplies in my Juxtapoz magazines the past three issues, I finally caved in. For twenty bucks, you receive a box with several drawing/painting tools. Each month is random, and you don’t know what you’re getting until the small rectangular box shows up in your mailbox. 

I’m going to try it out for the next two months, I’d say three but I got the first month’s box already a week ago. March’s box contained the following:


Two colored pencils, one light blue, and the other is woodless. That purple pencil is pure color, meaning I can roll it from side to side, or use the top and it will make marks. Pretty kewl if you ask me. The other two are markers, and the first one is a nice thin green which flows really nicely. The second one is a bright yellow color which comes out thick. The other items in the box were a pencil sharpener which keeps your pencils extra sharp and extra pointy for fine details, an ArtSnacks pin of their logo (a pencil in the shape of a pretzel) and the last two items were a small pocket-sized sketchbook with pages that don’t bleed through. Last but not least, a single piece of Dubble Bubble chewing gum. Still hard to chew, still delicious! Almost forgot: there’s a list of all the items in the box with a short description/brand info and the msrp for each item. Worth the 20? Yeah, I’d say it is. Add it up, throw in sales tax and you definitely come out winning. Plus you have new art supplies you didn’t know about. Triple yes. I did the drawing below using only the aforementioned items, well..mostly. I did use a ballpoint pen for the eye color. Oota Goota Solo…

If you’re interested, try them out. 


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