Lost and Found

The other day I was thinking once the rain stops, I’ll go out and get some shots out on the street. Problem! I couldn’t find my camera. After looking everywhere in the apartment and both me and my girlfriend’s car for it, and coming up empty-handed, I lay in bed that night wondering where I may have placed it. The next day I woke up and plopped right in front of the sofa, resigned to the fact that I may have to buy another camera. It’s a beat up Canon PowerShot, but I love it way too much. Financially speaking, there’s no way I can afford a proper digital camera. So, sitting there, bummed about life without my PowerShot, I pull out the seat of the sofa, and right there in the corner, squashed up against the nook of the arm rest was the camera. Phew! Huge sigh of relief. I ran to the shower, changed, got my gear and went out to work. Below are a few images I took…





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