Turpenoid time

It took almost two months after moving in to the apartment with my girlfriend, that I finally got the office/art workspace room all sorted out the way I wanted. Secondly, I was in need of a new easel to paint, luckily a good friend of mine told me about Pearl’s going out of business sale. It was pure chaos in there, but I managed to find some much needed drawing supplies. There was a section for easels and canvases, and after looking at some pretty nice ones I decided that even at a slashed price these were waaaay too expensive. So I put the idea of painting away, until I saw one that would serve me well, and wouldn’t hurt the wallet. A nice tripod easel, with a travel case. Added two plain canvases and I was back in business. Anyway, fast forward to a few weeks ago and I started work on a piece based on a sketch I did some years ago. There’s nothing like the smell of oil paint and turpenoid, like an old friend lol. Here it is so far. A long way from finished


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