Lately I’ve been taking hundreds of photos while out and about in this city, with not much of an idea for a theme or subject to work on. Not ’til I started seeing a pattern in several of the images I had taken did it hit me: bus stops. Bus stops. I have about ten images with people in various shelters around Miami, sitting, standing, alone or in a group. There’s something about these structures and the people under them that has caught my attention. Even yesterday on the road, I saw a man playing with his hat while waiting for the city bus to take him to his destination. I grabbed my iPhone and took a few shots of him, before I was forced to move forward with the traffic.
So now it’s just a matter of figuring out which camera to use (digital or analog) using color or b/w, which stops/shelters to hit up, etc etc and the list goes on. Anyway, here’s the photo I snapped of the hat guy from yesterday…



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