Progress Report

I’m a month into Spring semester and it’s a welcome relief to not have as much pressure, or assignments and other deadlines, as I did in the Fall term. Seriously, even though I sometimes work best under such conditions, it is not something I like doing on a regular basis. Shit, I felt like I was burning out at the tail end of last semester. My creative output increased as did my ideas (ha! when doesn’t my brain get overloaded with a million ideas for drawings/paintings?) I created some pretty solid works that I honestly would never have envisioned let alone put together. That’s what happens when you’re forced to think out of the box and not be afraid to show a little of yourself. I’m better for having taken Visual Thinking, as an artist and a person. Even if it meant losing sleep to finish the assignments the night before. Yeah, crazy but I came up with some damn good pieces that the professor liked. A lot. Yeah, class dismissed!


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