Daaa Bears!

Ah’m in Chicagah and ah’m gonna have sam chaacklit on a yaat. Daaa Bears! That was the joke between me and Ana while we were up visiting The Windy City. We stayed at a hotel that was within walking distance to several locations and landmarks the city had, or has? I can never get the tenses right…you know what I mean.  The Field Museum, Art Institute of  Chicago, Navy Pier, Soldier Field, the home of the Chicago Bears football team. Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower…the tallest building in the world. Well, at least to me…that ridiculous thing in Darfur doesn’t count. We saw them all, amazed and gaping at everything we saw. I took a ton of photos with both cameras and iPhone. I still haven’t transferred them to edit and then post. Our last night in Chicago was spent seeing New Order for the first time. It has to go down as The Concert. I’ve seen quite a few concerts that were just out of this world. But nothing, I mean nothing compares to seeing one of the most legendary bands in 80’s history. Fucking New Order! Wow! They were sharp and played with an intensity that I did not expect. We left the city with our minds, souls and stomachs stuffed with Chicago’s beauty, sights and food. I’m craving some of that pizza right now…damn.


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