(No) Show & Tell

We had a show and tell tonight in Visual Thinking class. Bring an X amount of items in a box that describe, or are about you. Brought my double decker bus from London, a pair of LP records: U2 and a jazz one with Billie and Ella live. My film camera, a metal replica of a 1957 Chevy, contact sheets with black and white images I had taken and finally, the portrait sketch/drawings of friends and family I’ve been working on since late last year. So…it pretty much went well, except for the fact that
A: I didn’t mention how much I love London
B: I didn’t bring anything from NYC. Another city I love which would have brought me to the argument that I have never felt like I actually belonged here in Miami. The big bustling cities like the above mentioned are what I’m used to and how it’s just a completely different way of life blablabla etc etc and so on.
C! Totally failing to talk about my art and webpage, yep. Fail lol


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