12 days and counting…no internet. Kinda feel like a crackhead who’s hurting bad and needs the cyberspace high to feel good again. Power outage apparently killed my modem even though it was plugged into a surge protector. Needless to say, my ISP’s tech support sucked ass. Never failed that when i’d get a problem with i would invariably get the response from the dude on the other end saying ‘we don’t work with that model of modem you have’ and i’d say ‘yes, yes you did…you guys sent it to me when i signed up’ so eventually i’d somehow end up with someone who knew about it and then problem solved! This last time was no different than before. Except for a new dept dedicated to customers who have non-supplied modems. Ha! This was a total waste, i hung up the phone after 5 mins of listening to the guy’s labored speech. I called another one that my family uses and they said no prob we’ll send out a modem to you in approx 3 – 7 business days. Kewl. Day 5 comes around and nothing. I call up and the sales rep tells me it should be here by Friday via UPS. Yay! My mistake for not asking for the tracking number. Called back on Day 7 to ask for status of said shipment and lo and behold…No order was actually shipped, the order was placed but nothing else. Sooo…after 30 mins with them on the phone it’s definitely coming. Tuesday. I hope. lol


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