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Ohh Stop Messing About!

 Kenneth Williams, one of my fave comedy actors growing up in England. From the Carry On films, and later on as the voice of all the characters in the cartoon Willo the Wisp, his humor and stories were fantastic.  Advertisements


🎶I’ve got the pencils, you’ve got the face. Let’s make lots of drawings🎶 Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys

Hey DJ

I was reading an article earlier that said Matt Pinfield was hired as the morning host at a San Fran rock station. Pretty kewl, congrats to him. One of my favorite music brains.   


There’s a medical supply store in the shopping plaza across from work that gets a lot of business, mostly senior citizens, and earlier today I saw a Cuban lady walk there smoking a fat cigar. Sounded like she wasn’t too happy to be there.