Etsy shop is going through some changes, and I think that it will only benefit everyone

I have added four more listings on my Etsy shop, come on by and check them out. There’s bound to be something that catches your eye.¬†LensOTheBeholder

Making the Etsy shop better and adding more images. If you or anyone you know has bare or boring walls and want to make ’em better, use this coupon: BOGO15OFF to get a discount when you buy one of my prints at regular price. No more bare/boring walls! Score! #streetphotography #artwork #etsy #photoprintsforsale #wallart […]

Mostly done with this, tricky work with the gramophones and Victorian era attire.

Updated and more photos added to my Etsy shop. Head on over! LensOtheBeholder’s shop on Etsy

New year, new ideas, new new. Sherlock and Watson at the turntables. Elementary Beats, my dear Dr. Watson. 

A sad day for all, as Carrie Fisher passed away early this morning after suffering a heart attack a few days ago. May she rest in piece, and be one with The Force. Not just any princess, but the kewlest. #carriefisher #princessleia #pendrawing #starwars

I’m not listening. New piece being worked on now, a response to all this fake news coming out being taken seriously. Do your research on something that may or may not sound real. Edumacate yourselves. Or just filter it all out, be like kids and stick your fingers in your ears. Lalala, I’m not listening! […]

Xmas is just around the corner, no idea what to give? How about some black and white photos! Head on over to my Etsy shop and check out the affordable prints available. I’ll be adding more to the shop very soon. #etsy #photography #christmasshopping #giftideas

Mostly done with this ball of yarn. Yolanda’s Yarn, 9×12 Pencil.