All done with this piece. It was fun working on it, incorporating headphones and the buttons of playback into the figure was a bit challenging, but I like how it came out. And now, finished! Advertisements

Working on something in the midnight hours: Siouxsie-esque. Not her, songs playing and then pencil and brain did the rest 😁✏️ 🎶…Dazzle it’s a glittering prize Dazzle it’s a glittering prize, before your eyes It’s a glittering prize…🎶

Link to an article I came across. For my fellow artists and creative types, very interesting and informative.

A while back I had written an artist statement as it pertained to my drawings, paintings, etc. The one for photography was different, and I came up with one that wasn’t the bestm but it suited me for the time being until I came up with a better one. It didn’t hit me until a […]

Nobody expects a pen sketch/drawing of the Spanish Inquisition! (Diabolical Laughter) day 28 of Inktober. Three days to go! #inktober #artistoninstagram #pendrawing #montypython #nobodyexpectsthespanishinquisition

So we’re at Day 27 of Inktober, here’s Princess Mononoke. #inktober #artistoninstagram #pendrawing #princessmononoke #studioghibli #drawing #art 

Today’s Inktober drawing: Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger. I did it using a red pen mostly because that’s the team’s colors. Turns out after I finished, he had a somewhat 👹👺 look because of the color, so I changed it to black and white. Have a look at both. #inktober #pendrawing #redink #arsenalfc #artistoninstagram #arsenewenger

Yesterday’s drawing. Ballet Dancer in Black.

Tuesday’s daily drawing, no idea where I was going with this but I like how it came out lol.

A little bit of soul for today. Inktober continues with Aretha Franklin. Pen and ink, ink wash 9×12 #inktober #artistoninstagram #penandink #arethafranklin #inkwash  ​​